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Soap Saver
Soap Saver

Soap Saver

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Soap savers are an excellent pocket to place your soap in so it can dry in between uses and therefore 'saves' the soap from dissolving if left soaking in water.  It is perfect to use with the soap left in it, to lather up your soap, clean yourself and then hang it to dry your soap in between uses. It is like a loofah and soap in-one!

The cotton crocheted yarn feels great on your skin and they are also very durable. You can pop them in the washer and dryer and they still feel nice and the color lasts.

Due to being handcrafted, we try our best; however, sizes are not all the same. We carry solids and pattern knitted soap savers.

Please note with the soap savers, our photos may not indicate what is in inventory. If you are ordering one to match a particular soap... please indicate this in the COMMENTS on your order details in your shopping cart.

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